How to get a food safety certificate

These requirements are designed to ensure businesses have a robust food safety and quality management system. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a UK-based trade organization that works to raise standards in the retail industry through a series of certification programs. BRC certification is an audit-based process that ensures compliance with BRC Global Standards shakepay review for Food Safety, Packaging and Packaging Materials, Storage & Distribution, and Consumer Products. Now in its eighth version, the Global Standard for Food Safety has received recognition from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This governing body aims to harmonize global food safety systems and improve the safety and quality of food products.

  1. It emphasizes good operating and handling practices in distributing food and non-food products across supply chains.
  2. This part of the process establishes and provides maintenance for safe process controls, weight/volume control and equipment calibration and ensures the documented HACCP plan is put into practice.
  3. Thus, BRC certification provides a way for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to food safety and quality and can give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  4. Many retailers across the UK, the US and Europe will only do business with suppliers who have passed an audit and been accredited by a BRCGS certification body.
  5. Demonstrating traceability takes complete commitment from your team and requires that you have an effective management system in place.

Additionally, BRC certification is often a requirement for doing business with certain retailers and distributors. It can also help manufacturers identify areas for improvement in their food safety management system and make necessary changes to prevent issues from occurring in the future. Finally, BRC certification can help manufacturers stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices, ensuring they remain competitive in the marketplace. BRC Certification is an internationally recognized standard for food safety and quality management.

Key Changes in FSSC 22000 Version 6

All the requirements listed in Issue 9 for BRC audits take the two themes discussed above — developing a food safety culture and building core competencies — and turn them into actionable, requirements for BRC certification. BRCGS is a market-leading global brand that helps build confidence in the supply chain. Independent research, carried out by the University of Birkbeck, demonstrates the value and economic impact that certification to BRCGS can bring. Companies looking to earn validation from the BRC Global Standard would do well to integrate a sound ERP solution that can account for all their processes. With iNECTA, you have a bird’s-eye view of your business, and can streamline processes while complying with the BRC’s guidelines.

What to Expect During a BRC Audit

Food Safety Issue 9 is all about the evolution of food safety best practice and continual improvement. We believe there’s more to be done across the industry to reduce the most common non-conformities. Part of the inherent difficulty of trying to establish an exemplary approach to product safety is that ‘culture’ isn’t really tangible.

Tools to achieve certification

However, it’s required by many top retailers to sell your products to them, so consider BRC certification a necessary investment in the success of your business. The BRCGS platform contains rigorous and detailed requirements, but they are made easy for you to understand. On top of that, they’re also designed to be efficient and help you improve your processes so you can eliminate the need for multiple audits. ” And we will look at what to expect during hitbtc crypto exchange review a BRC audit so you can get BRC food safety certification for your facility. Adopted by over 22,000 sites in more than 130 countries, the standard is accepted by 70% of the top 10 global retailers, 60% of the top 10 quick-service restaurants, and 50% of the top 25 manufacturers. Download now to discover how you can achieve complete traceability, tracking raw materials and product movement all the way through your supply chain – from farm to fork.

Conduct Site Audit

To receive certification in the eyes of the BRC Standard, a third-party audit must be conducted by an accredited affiliate. In general, certification bodies are rated for their performance and efficiency in customer service. The principal requirements of the standard are the adoption and implementation of a HACCP system, a documented and effective quality management system and a control of factory environmental standards, products, processes and personnel. 3 – Food safety and quality management systemYou should implement a system that enables you to produce safe products, meet customers’ expectations and ensure staff are well trained. Aside from this, the BRC has also founded benchmarks for domestic and international retailers.

In addition, IAS takes a step-by-step approach to our audits, providing technical advice and support to help you improve your processes and systems in order to easily obtain BRC certification. Fill out our contact form information on how to get started with the BRC certification process. Our team of experts is available to answer all your questions and provide assistance with meeting the requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Food kraken trading review Safety. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a trade association founded by retailers in the UK in 1992. It aims to promote the interests of retailers across different sectors by providing training, expert advice, quality benchmarking, and related services. Among the most important contributions of the BRC is the Global Food Standard for Food Safety in 1998, which has become a hallmark of food safety standards across the globe.

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